Choral Opportunities at Ohio University

Ohio University boasts rich opportunities for singers. All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to participate in our growing tradition. Some ensembles require an audition while others are open to all ability levels. Interested singers should read this announcement fully. Below is a brief summary of each choir. At the end of the summary you will find required reading for music majors and participating non-majors: General questions and concerns may be addressed to Dr. Daniel J. Hall, Director of Choral Activities (

    • An exciting blend of student, faculty and community activity, members of this large ensemble come from all walks of life. Rehearsal Schedule: Mondays, 7:00-9:00 PM. No audition required. Students must register. Dr. Paul Mayhew, Director, 740-593-4244,
    • Ohio University’s select SATB ensemble, Singers performs repertoire from all historical periods and tours yearly. Rehearsal Schedule: Mondays, 2:00-4:00 PM; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30-2:50 PM. Audition required (see “CHORAL PLACEMENT AUDITION TIMES AND DETAILS” below). Dr. Daniel J. Hall, Director, 740-593-4244,
    • Rehearsal Schedule: MWF, 11:50 AM-12:45. No Audition required. Students must register. Dr. Paul Mayhew, Conductor, 740-593-4244,
    • Rehearsal Schedule: MWF, 11:50 AM-12:45. Dr. Daniel J. Hall, Conductor, 740-593-4244, Audition required. Students must register. Details are included below in the audition section and will also be on the board outside Glidden 494 and posted on the SMO website and Facebook page.

Fall 2015 Audition Information for Voice Students

CHORAL PLACEMENT AUDITIONS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL MUSIC MAJORS WITH VOICE AS PRIMARY INSTRUMENT: These Auditions will occur during the first week of class in Glidden 494/351 (see schedule at the end of this section). Signup sheets will be posted outside Glidden 494 several days before auditions. Students must sign up for an audition time. Results will be posted by the close of the first Thursday of the semester. Auditions determine placement in University Singers (MUS 2530) or Choral Union (MUS 2531). Students are only exempt if they have already fulfilled their Major Ensemble requirement for graduation, in which case, they are still strongly encouraged to sing in an ensemble. Students must audition and may not choose their Major Ensemble themselves.

CHORAL PLACEMENT AUDITION TIMES (sign up outside Glidden 494):

  • Mon, Aug 24, 2-4 PM, Glidden 494, and 4-5 PM, Glidden 351 (Dr. Hall’s office)
  • Tue, Aug 25, 1:30-2:50 PM, Glidden 494, and 3:00-3:30, Glidden 351 (Dr. Hall’s office)
  • Wed, Aug 26, 1:30-2:50 PM, Glidden 494, and 3-3:30, Glidden 351 (Dr. Hall’s office)
  • Thursday, Aug 27: Callbacks as needed, 1:30-2:50 PM, Glidden 494


  • You will be guided through simple exercises assessing range, aural ability, and sight reading. No need for prepared material.
  • If you are already registered for a choir, it is easiest to stay registered for that choir until the close of auditions, at which point scheduling changes will be made accordingly.
  • Students selected for OU Singers must register for OU Singers (MUS 2531). Students selected for Choral Union must register for Choral Union (MUS 2531). Students may participate in both groups with approval of both directors.

Singing Men of Ohio Auditions:

Students who are in good standing with SMO, and who participated in the ensemble the year before the current audition, do not need to re-audition. All other students must go through the audition process. SMO audition information will be posted outside Glidden 494 the week before school begins and on the SMO website and Facebook page. Interested singers should follow the instructions posted there. FOR INFORMATION, EMAIL THE DIRECTOR (