Fall 2017 Instrumental Auditions (REVISED AUGUST 22, 2017)

Placement auditions for the Fall semester will be held during the first week of classes. All auditions will take place in the Recital Hall except where noted.


Placement auditions for the Fall semester for Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, and Symphony Orchestra will be held during the first week of classes. Note that some auditions will occur the weekend before classes begin. All auditions will take place in the Glidden Recital Hall except where noted. Marching 110 and jazz ensemble auditions are held separately.

Audition schedule signups will be posted about two days before auditions begin, outside of Glidden Room 497. Results will be posted by either Wednesday noon (for Symphonic Band/Wind Symphony) or Thursday noon (for Orchestra).

Winds and percussion: All students wishing to audition for Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, or Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. There is no audition required to participate in University Band (MUS 2512/5512). Click here for a message from Dr. Trachsel about the upcoming year.

Strings: Music majors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. Nonmajors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra or Campus Orchestra may alternatively choose to perform a short selection of their choice, and/or scales. Students who wish to only be considered for Campus Orchestra may attend its first rehearsal, Tuesdays 7-9pm in Glidden 494.

Piano, Harp, and Keyboard: Assigned by department.

Please fill out this form before your audition.


Sunday, August 27 Recital Hall

• 1-3pm flute/piccolo

• 3-4pm bassoon

• 4-5pm oboe/English horn

• 7-9pm saxophones


Monday, August 28  

• 11.30-12.50 French horn Glidden 472

• 2-4pm clarinet Recital Hall

• 8-9pm tuba Recital Hall

• 9-10pm euphonium Recital Hall


Tuesday, August 29 Recital Hall

• 2-5pm violin and viola (callbacks for principal seats @4.30pm)

• 5-6pm double bass

• 6-7pm cello


Wednesday, August 30

• 1-3pm trombones (tenor trombones 1-2.30pm, bass trombones 2.30-3pm) Glidden 101

• 3-5pm trumpets Glidden 101

• 7-10pm percussion 6th floor percussion studio



Click your instrument to access PDF copies of the audition excerpts. Specific excerpts from the repertoire will be chosen at the audition, or otherwise notified by the applied faculty; likely excerpts for orchestra selections have also been notated (please use Adobe Reader to view them). Applied faculty may have additional works to prepare and/or sight-reading. Auxiliary instruments (i.e., Piccolo, English Horn, E-flat and Bass Clarinets) will be auditioned at the same time as their principal correlates.

Transposed parts should be played in the correct keys unless otherwise instructed. Prepare first parts (upper divisi) unless otherwise indicated.