Honor Band Application


Below you will find the information regarding auditioning for the 2018 Honor Bands Festival. Please read all the information carefully, and make sure you complete the audition process completely. You will receive an audition confirmation e-mail upon completion of all the audition requirements.  


For all musicians, the audition procedure is as follows:

  • Complete your audition via Online application and accompanying self-created YouTube link.

  • Auditions are open and accepted until November 1st, 2018, after which acceptance e-mails will be sent to outstanding audition submissions.

Please read and download the music requirements listed below on this page, and then click the appropriate box at the bottom of the page to begin your audition process.


Auditions require the following:

  1. 3 Major Scales (Concert B-Flat, E-flat, and F, two-octaves optional)

  2. Required Audition Excerpts including: Lyrical and Technical (see below for a link to view and print)

  3. **Optional: Any other musical excerpt which demonstrates musicianship (Ex. All-State audition example, excerpt from state solo contest, etc.)

The Required Audition Excerpts for each instrument can be downloaded here:

Note: If you want to audition for more than one instrument, the musical examples must be completed for each instrument.  Please contact us with any questions regarding auditioning on two instruments.


The Application-Audition is different for percussionists. See below for more details:

  1. Percussion Applicant-Auditionee will submit excerpts of their own choosing, including one (1) snare drum excerpt and two (2) other excerpts that showcase the strength of the applicant. For example: an Applicant may send in one snare drum excerpt, in addition to one marimba and one timpani excerpt each. Percussion Applicants must also fill out the form as well.

  2. Percussion Participants are assigned to either the Festival Wind Symphony or Festival Symphonic Band as determined by their audition and are sent assigned parts.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018! (postmarked or submitted)


No fees are required for application or audition. The festival fees will be $140 for resident participants* and $90 for commuter participants**, collected upon acceptance into the honor band.

*The Resident Participant fee of $140 covers hotel accommodations at the Ohio University Inn, all transportation during the festival, three residence hall meals, t-shirt, and administrative costs.

**The Commuter Participant fee of $90 covers all transportation during the festival, three residence hall meals, t-shirt, and administrative costs. Commuter Participants will not have housing accommodations arranged for them.



Upload audition video(s) to YouTube, and submit the YouTube link(s) along with your information via the application above.


Dr. Andrew Trachsel

Director of Bands / Honor Band Festival Coordinator
Ohio University School of Music
(740) 593-1670